About the Strike and the UC Student Workers Union (UAW 2865)

The UC Student Workers Union (UAW Local 2865) represents all teaching assistants, readers, and tutors in the UC system. Membership is open to all graduate students as well as any undergraduate working as an academic student employee (ASE). We are 100% governed by student workers, through direct democratic votes and elected student worker officers.

Last fall, union members voted overwhelmingly to authorize the union to call a strike “should circumstances deem” necessary. After repeated egregious violations of workers rights under labor law, striking is necessary.

We have seen a statewide pattern of abuse from management, ranging from threats and intimidation to a failure to take some of our most important (and legally valid) bargaining topics seriously – TA/student ratios (class size) and the 18 quarter limitation on TAships.

Management has done these things because they believe they can get away with them. They believe they can violate the law and our rights, enjoy the benefit of that, and suffer no consequences. The law is clear: when rights are violated the way ours have been, workers have the right to strike. It is up to us to redress the violations or else show management that they can use any tactics to get their way while we quietly accept it.

In recognition of our obligation to defend ourselves and a vision of the university supportive of student workers rights and free of management intimidation, the UC Student Worker Union (UAW Local 2865), has voted to call for a two-day strike.  On day one of the strike, certain campuses will be striking over unfair labor practices that particularly impact members on their campuses.  On day two of the strike, members will join together, calling for a statewide strike to protest numerous Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs).

UCLA will strike for one day on Thursday, April 3rd over unlawful intimidation of workers and management’s refusal to negotiate over TA/student ratios.

See you out there!


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